Your Short Guide for Travel by Land Checkpoints to Malaysia!

Your Short Guide for Travel by Land Checkpoints to Malaysia!

The borders are open, travellers are crossing, the open roads are back! Are you ahead of the requirements? Here’s the simple TRI333PLE guide to clear the way ahead for land crossings before you set off! 

As announced by Malaysian authorities, fully vaccinated travellers from Singapore are exempted from quarantine. Travellers from Singapore DO NOT need to be tested pre-departure or on arrival either.

The Malaysian Government has made 2 steps mandatory however for all inbound travellers. They are to download the “My Sejahtera” app – the Malaysian equivalent to our “TraceTogether” app and also verify their Covid Vaccination Certificate on

Covid-19 travel insurance and a 5 day quarantine on arrival in Malaysia is mandatory for all unvaccinated travellers or those not fully vaccinated.

As before, travellers are to ensure their passports are valid for at least 6 months. A free of charge “SG arrival card” available from ICA is to be filled in before re-entry to Singapore 3 days before arrival. The app is available for both iOS and Android users This is not a travel visa.

If your vehicle has not been registered previously for Malaysian VEP, there is no urgent requirement for now but it will be good to do so.

With regard to tolls, thankfully nothing has changed for Singaporean motorcyclists. There is no toll to pay and no need for a TOUCH n GO card.

For Singaporean drivers, the 20RM ROAD CHARGE payable on entry has been waived. Users entering via the Tuas checkpoint are advised to get their TOUCH n GO cards re-activated and topped up or purchase new ones at the toll booth located after the Malaysian checkpoint. The manned booth is the same one, located at the left most side.

Here is a quick time lapse by Richard Seah and Kang Wei Jie, documenting the entire process of entering Malaysia through the Tuas checkpoint. Note the smooth flow of the entire process. One point to be aware of however, many of your favourite haunts may not have survived the decline in business. Expect to see many empty stalls where there was once bustling activity and healthy night life. With the reopening of the borders though, we can look forward to the situation rebounding. The Malaysia we love will be revived in no time!


See You On The Road

Contributor to TRI333PLE - Will Yap

Photos by Richard Seah

Driven by Kang Wei Jie

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